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Some feedback from existing clients:
"Elfriede is passionate about what she does and will recommend treatments and products that meet the individual needs and budget.

..and she looks incredible so obviously she knows how to keep skin looking healthy and young and practices what she preaches"

Claudia May


“I have been seeing skin solutions since the early stages of my pregnancy almost a year ago. Elfriede helped me improve my hormonal skin greatly with her expertise, guiding me to use suitable products - something many costly facials at beauty salons did not achieve. I have been very happy with the results and found her advice greatly helpful, friendly and professional..”

Naureen Bretherick


“I have been a client of Elfriede’s for over 8 years.   She knows exactly what is required for your skin and is very professional.  She cares.  She is always updating her knowledge with continuous training on cosmeceutical anti-aging programmes and cosmetics.  She will be my skin care therapist for years to come.”

Helen Kagan


"My review on the work Elfriede does is a huge difference in overall appearance. There is nothing she cannot do for you - from treatment for hyper pigmentation to deep peels to feeding the basal tissue and even botox and filler. Its all taken care of for a reasonable price and exceptional service (free education on the way) with a family that has medical background to support her I would only let Elfriede treat my skin."

Andrea Pagler


I have come to know Elfriede after spending a fortune at another well known skin care company, and now after just eight months ,and 10 years of Pit marks (Acne scarring), I have seen a transformation on my skin and my personality. It is not just a treatment house for your skin but hope and results proven. Thanks Elfriede for your professionalism, treatments and the welcoming feeling I have every time I enter your Salon.

Sohana Mannie


With Elfriede it is all about achieving the results.  This is not about pushing a specific product or bathing you in nice smells that disappear after a day.  This is about improving the condition and future of your skin on a strong foundation.  She does all the research and keeps you informed throughout.  The fact that it is very cost effective is always a welcome surprise. Elfriede is a true professional and totally committed to improving your skin. I completely trust Elfriede's decisions.

Oostewald Immink


Elfriede's approach to aesthetics is a refreshing one. Upon meeting her you are reassured by her technical knowledge on skin as an organ and of the products she endorses by way of use in her retreat-like salon. As a health professional I find this reassuring and enjoy Elfriede's approach to maintaining healthy skin as an ongoing process armed with skill, knowledge and the right products. The interaction is consultative as Elfriede always let's you know what your options are and how each will work. Every visit is pleasant with great conversation and skin that is doing a little better each time. For a personalized approach and personal touch, this is certainly a place I'd recommend.

Birju Patel

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