COVID-19 After Lockdown Protocols


First and foremost, if either the client or myself have flu-like symptoms or suspect that they may have been in contact with a person who may have the virus, appointments will be rescheduled.

The following protocols will be in place after lockdown to ensure both the client and the therapist is safe

Cleaning Protocols

  • Clean all surfaces i.e. counter tops, treatment chair, after each treatment

  • Only one client will be allowed in the salon at a time

  • No bedlinen will be used on the treatment chair

  • Linen savers will be used on the head rest and caps will be used for every treatment

  • Spray my hands and your hands with hand sanitizer upon entering the salon

  • I will use alcohol swabs to clean the card machine after each use, or EFT payments can also be made if you prefer

  • Deep cleaning will be done every day including floor, walls , cupboard doors and trolleys

During the Treatment:

  • I will be wearing an appropriate face mask while performing your treatment

  • I will wear gloves throughout the treatment