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Cold Plasma (Dr. Platon) - 1 treatment

before rx right side.JPG
after 2nd treatement right_edited_edited.jpg

Acne Reduction - 5 treatments

before treatment -acne
after treatment - acne

Acne Reduction - Peel Treatments (3 months)

acne problem
Acne solution

Hyperpigmentation - 1 TCA treatment

before treatment - hyperpigmentation
after treatment - hyperpigmentation
Cosmelan Results
before Cosmelan
after Cosmelan

1 TCA SPOT treatment

spot pigmentation treatment
TCA Spot pigmentation

Acne Scars - Peel and DermaPen Combo (3 month period) 

acne scars
acne scars dermapen results

 4 Peel treatments, a month later

skin rejuvenation
Power Peel, rejuvenation

Rf Microneedling  - 1 Treatment

before treatment - RF microneedling
after treatment - RF microneedling
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