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 BiorepeelCL3 ( TCA with AHA acids)

BioRePeelCl3 is an innovative, biphasic treatment with bio stimulating, revitalizing and peeling action.   

What makes this peel different?  It is a 35% TCA treatment with minimal stinging effect during application, no frosting afterwards and minimal flaking.  There is an immediate improvement in the skin appearance after application of the peel .


The results are:


  • Smoother , hydrated skin

  • Even skin tone

  • Tightening of fine lines​

  • Dermal thickening

  • Reduction in excess oil production

  • Reduce acne break outs

The product contains a lipophilic blue phase on a hydrophilic yellow phase.

The lipophilic phase (BLU) floats on the hydrophilic one (YELLOW) and prevents the oxidation of the trichloroacetic acid, mechanically separating from the contact with the oxygen, thus stabilizing the formulation. It also performs this action on other acid and dermofunctional active ingredients, improving performance and ensuring product safety.

Moreover thanks to the active contents (Squalane and Isopropyl myristate) it also :

  • reduces trans-epidermic water evaporation 

  • increases hydration through a direct and indirect mechanisms

The hydrophilic phase (YELLOW) contains an innovative mix of TCA, alpha, beta, and polyhydroxy acids, amino acids and vitamins.

The effects of this peel is to stimulate cell turnover, significantly increase collagen and elastin production. 

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