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DermaPen Treatments


Dermapen treatment

 If you are concerned about fine lines around your eyes, wrinkles forming on your forehead and sun damage on your face, this is the skin rejuvenation treatment for you.


Microneedling is the best way to stimulate collagen in the dermis. This treatments triggers the fibroblast to produce collagen.  Collagen is the protein that prevents sagging and wrinkles in the skin.

Various devices are available for in-salon treatment.  I personally have 2 different devices on offer:

- One Skin Pen (German technology)

- Dermapen 4 (Australian technology)

What is the main difference between devices:

- speed of the machine

- quality of the needle cartridge

The Dermapen 4 offers the highest speed and the highest safety standard of the cartridge.  These differences will impact the effectiveness of the microneedling and the absorption ability of the serum into the skin.

Besides the benefit of the needling triggering collagen production, potent serums are applied during the microneedling session.  These ingredients penetrate the skin approximately 1000 times more than just applying the serum to your skin.   Therefore the actives can address various skin concerns such as hyper-pigmentation, acne scars and sun spots, besides the main benefit of skin rejuvenation.


The most important aspect of microneedling is that collagen production takes 3 months to achieve, independent of your age.   So one treatment will not really show significant results. 


To achieve long term results, it is recommended that you have 6 treatments.  The interval between treatments is 4-6weeks. 



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