Face treatments may be personalised to address your specific concerns.  

Standard prices are shown below.  Personalised treatments may vary from these prices.

Combinations may include a peel-dermapen or a combination of strengths of peel in one session.

Acne Treatment Options

Lamelle Beta Plus Peel

45 min - R 580

This peel contains salicylic acid that helps to reduce inflammation and heal pimples and pustules.  

Frequency-  every 2 weeks/4 weeks


Lamelle Azeac Peel
30 min - R 660

This peel is ideal for deep seated/ cystic acne in the jaw line area .

Frequency - monthly


Aesthet Xpert Peel

45 min - R 620

An unique blend of salicylic, glycolic, lactic, azelaic and Phytic acids to improve oil control and heal acne

Frequency - monthly

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BiorepeelCl3 FND

45 min - R 950 (face only)

35% TCA with mix of additional acids, amino acids, vitamins and GABA reduce oil production and breakouts

Frequency - every 2 weeks

LED therapy can be added to acne treatments to enhance healing and improve results.

Rejuvenation Treatment Options
Microneedling - One Skin Pen
​​60 min - R 830


New standard treatment specific for fine lines and sagging.  Personalised cocktail of serums used during process with mask incl. 

Frequency - 4-6 weekly

Set of  4-6 treatments

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Dermapen 4 Microneedling
45 min - R 1 550


Now the fastest microneedling device on the market with the highest number of channels per second comparable results to injectable mesotherapy.  

Frequency - 6-8 weekly 

Set of 4 treatments

Mesoestetics Melanoplus TCA

30 min - R 1500

Targets sun damage as well as fine lines and sagging.   Downtime includes significant shedding for 5-7 days

Frequency - 8 weekly

Needle free Mesotherapy

​​60 min - R 500

Using water paths created with the needle free electrophoresis machine helps to penetrate into the middle layer of the skin to deliver potent active ingredients that will stimulate collagen, tone facial muscles and drain excess fluid.

Frequency - weekly

Set of 6 treatments

Lamelle Retistore Peel
30 min - R 990

Two layer peel. The first layer is a beta-hydroxy acid followed by a leave-on layer of Retinol.  Great rejuvenation peel on thinning skin, dull complexion and laxity

Frequency - monthly


45 min - R 950 (face only)

35% TCA with mix of additional acids, amino acids, vitamins and GABA has a very strong rejuvenation effect.  Preferable to perform 2-4 treatments

Frequency - every 2 weeks

Pigmentation Treatment Options
Mesoestetic Melanostop Peel
30 min - R 750

A quick peel to brighten and lighten skin and leave a beautiful glow.

Frequency - monthly


Lamelle Beta Peel

45 min - R 580

Self neutralising salicylic acid peel that lifts excess pigmentation from the skin.  Can be enhanced with a layer of Retinoic acid that is left on the skin for a min of 6 hours

Frequency - monthly

Set of 4-6 treatments


Mesoestetic MelanoPlus TCA

30 min - R 1500

A TCA based peel with kojic acid that lightens all forms of hyper pigmentation.

Frequency - 4-8 weekly 


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8-12 hrs - R 13500

Slow peel with tyrosinase inhibitors to significantly lighten blemishes.  It targets the melanosome specifically without damaging the melanocyte.

Frequency - 1 only 


Hair Removal
Alkaline Wash

45 min - R 650

The Alkaline wash dissolves both hair and skin cells.  Besides removing hair it improves the skin tone.  When adding the enzyme mask afterwards , it will significantly tighten as well.   The enzyme mask is an  extra R 150.

Frequency - 4-6 weekly

Number of treatments will vary on the strength of the hair