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Face treatments may be personalised to address your specific concerns.  

Standard prices are shown below.  Personalised treatments may vary from these prices.

Combinations may include a peel-dermapen or a combination of strengths of peel in one session.

Acne Treatment Options

Lamelle Beta Plus Peel

45 min - R 680

This peel contains salicylic acid that helps to reduce inflammation and heal pimples and pustules.  

Frequency-  every 2 weeks/4 weeks

Cold Plasma 

30 min - R 680

Dr Platon employs plasma shower technology to transform the main gases in the air between the device tip and the patient’s skin (mainly Oxygen & Nitrogen) to non-thermal plasma, at a temperature of 35-40 °C.   Brilliant for all inflammatory conditions incl. Rosacea

Frequency - bi-monthly for 2-3 months



Aesthet Xpert Peel

45 min - R 620

An unique blend of salicylic, glycolic, lactic, azelaic and Phytic acids to improve oil control and heal acne

Frequency - monthly


BiorepeelCl3 FND

45 min - R 1100 (face only)

35% TCA with mix of additional acids, amino acids, vitamins and GABA reduce oil production and breakouts

Frequency - every 2 weeks

LED therapy can be added to acne treatments to enhance healing and improve results.

Rejuvenation Treatment Options
Microneedling -Nova Pen
​​60 min - R 880


New standard treatment specific for fine lines and sagging.  Personalised cocktail of serums used during process with mask incl. 

Frequency - 4-6 weekly

Set of  4-6 treatments

Dermapen 4 Microneedling
45 min - R 1 700


Now the fastest microneedling device on the market with the highest number of channels per second comparable results to injectable mesotherapy.  

Frequency - 6-8 weekly 

Set of 4 treatments

Rf Microneedling

60 min - R 1620

Adding radio frequency heat to microneedling enhances the effectiveness of the microneedling

Frequency - 4-6 weekly

SCCM- E 1 ml Add-on

R 1350

Stem Cell conditioned media with 27 billion exosomes for added collagen stimulation can be added to any microneedling treatment

Lamelle Retistore Peel
30 min - R 1200

Two layer peel. The first layer is a beta-hydroxy acid followed by a leave-on layer of Retinol.  Rebuild from the inside out.

Frequency - monthly


45 min - R 1100 (face only)

35% TCA with mix of additional acids, amino acids, vitamins and GABA has a very strong rejuvenation effect.  Preferable to perform 2-4 treatments

Frequency - every 2 weeks

Noon Nano Glycolic
30 min - R 820

50% Glycolic acid with Dermshield for max effect and little discomfort

Frequency - monthly

Lamelle Alchemy ampoules can be added to chemical peels - customised to your skin - R 250 per ampoule

Pigmentation Treatment Options

Me Line Peel

45  min  - 1hour - R 2200

Active ingredients include tranexamic acid.  The peel is differentiated for Ethnic and Caucasian skin types.  Targets stubborn pigmentation.

Frequency 3 Treatments, first 2 are 1 month apart 

Lamelle Beta Peel

45 min - R 650

Self neutralising salicylic acid peel that lifts excess pigmentation from the skin.  Can be enhanced with a layer of Retinoic acid 

Frequency - monthly

Set of 4-6 treatments


Noon Nano Piruvex 
45 min - R 770

Combination of Piruvic acid and lactic acid with DermShield to reduce irritation

Frequency - monthly


Mesoestetic Melanostop Tranex (Professional)

30 min - R 850

Ideal for mild pigmentation disorders such as sun damage and post inflammatory pigmentation 

Frequency - monthly



8-12 hrs - R 15500

Slow peel with tyrosinase inhibitors to significantly lighten blemishes.  It targets the melanosome specifically without damaging the melanocyte.

Frequency - 1 only 


Hair Removal
Alkaline Wash

45 min - R 680

The Alkaline wash dissolves both hair and skin cells.  Besides removing hair it improves the skin tone. Ideal for peach fluff

Frequency - 4-6 weekly

Number of treatments will vary on the strength of the hair

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