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Fiona's Story

I met Fiona at the end of September 2015.  She was in a shack fire in June 2015.  After nearly dying in hospital and being turned away by Baragwanath Burn unit she had a tough time to deal with the effects on her face.  She was desperate to have her face back.  The community was not very supportive either and she was being called names such as "bobbejaan".

I decided that I wanted to help Fiona.  I could see that her commitment to her skin was really strong and that she would go to the ends of the earth to get better.  I started treating her with RegimA Peel and Heal treatments and RegimA scar Repair and Laser gel. 

It started out well but after a couple of months the itch was starting to become a severe problem.  The skin was swollen as well. 

I needed help because the area was swollen and red and very ITCHY.  I discussed her case with my father who suggested that we try cortisone injections.  He injected her a few times in December while he was here working on other clients.  This made a big difference to slow down the keloid formation as well as reduce the itch.  The "yellow" area is where he injected first.

I continued to treat the area with RegimA Peel and Heal treatments.  Thanks to the support of Kachan who supplied some Scar Repair we could continue.

Fiona received her first Plexr treatment from Dr. Heyns, Leenyx Aesthetic Trainer.  The yellow dots are made by the Plexr device.

1 week after the PlexR treatment

This is Fiona after the 2nd PlexR treatment.  I was not able to attend the treatment with Fiona but with the help of friends she was able to have this treatment.  It was a very painful session for Fiona


We are starting to work on the chin area.  3 Cortisone treatments wer done and the PlexR was also performed during her 2nd session.  The black spots are where the scabs have not fallen off.

August 2016. It is about 1 year after Fiona's burn injury.  Below are her before and after pictures.  Quite remarkable improvements. We have continued with cortisone treatments and RegimA Peel and Heal treatments.

The picture below was taken in April 2017.  I am still doing approximately 2 treatments on Fiona concentrating on normalising the pigment and marginally improving the burn scars.

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