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TATTOO Removal


Rejuvi Chemical Extraction -  a safe alternative to Laser

Before Removal
After 1st session, in healing process

This is one of the safest methods to remove a Tattoo. Unlike Laser treatment, no heat is involved.  Laser aims to break the ink particle up small enough for it to be excreted through the lymphatic system.


WIth Chemical Extraction, the skin is treated with a chemical compound that extracts the ink and pulls it to the surface in the form of a scab.


It uses a similar technique to remove the tattoo as was used to put the tattoo on, in the first place. 



Tattoo Vanish

The principle is that "like attracts like".  The inorganic metal oxide from Rejuvi is placed in the skin to make contact with the original pigment ink.  The two compounds attract each other and merge into the Rejuvi suspension.  The skin pushes this combined suspension out of the skin and it forms a scab that gradually falls off.


In this way the ink is extracted from the skin without the risk of excessive heat used by Lasers.


After 12 treatments

16 Treatments

This client's treatments were mostly done with Tattoo Vanish. Treatments were done on an approximately 8 week period.  I have also done some TCA treatments in between to pull the ink closer to the surface. 


A couple of Rejuvi treatments were also done to lift ink out.