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How to win the battle against aging?

Winning the skin rejuvenation war!

On the one side of the scale there is a continuous process happening in every body called aging. This aging process affects all the organs and tissue in the body.  It is especially visible in the skin.  It causes blotchiness, wrinkles and sagging to name but a few.


On the other side of the scale are processes and ingredients that slow down the aging process.    Home care is therefore critical in balancing the scale against aging. You need to ensure that your skin is protected from all the effects of aging - sun protection is the most important step here.  Buy the best that you can afford.   The latest sunscreens are not just sun protectors but also correct DNA damage caused by the sun.  The next most important product is the correct cleanser for your skin.  This will ensure that the barrier is intact and if this is the case, the skin will function optimally and be able to absorb the actives that are applied afterwards.   

When this foundation is in place, add a night cream with the best actives - anti-oxidant protection if you are younger or peptides / Growth factors if you are older to rebuild your skin at night. Skin does repair work at night, help it work better at night. 

The value of Treatments

Once the basics in your home care routine is in place, you can add an in-salon treatment plan.   This can include the following:

- Chemical peels (various peels to achieve different goals)

- Microneedling (various devices )

- Needle free mesotherapy with muscle stimulation

- LED therapy (on its own or added to the above)

The treatment plan can include a set of one type of treatment such as microneedling or it can alternate between chemical peels and microneedling.   The treatments can vary from monthly or 6 weekly, depending on time and budget.

It is essential to keep the scale weighted to the side of rejuvenation.   It is a continous process and can not be achieved in a once-off treatment or short burst of expensive serums.   Use products that you can maintain over a long period of time, and work out a treatment plan that will provide regular treatments to ensure the tipping of the scale.


You will see the long term benefits.  It is just like going to the gym regularly for a year that reaps the rewards of a fully functioning body.

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