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Chemical Peels

Variety of chemical peels

The skin naturally renews itself and regenerates every 28 days.  However, over time and during certain periods of our lives, adolescence, pregnancy and menopause, this process is disturbed or slows down.  This may contribute to age related skin changes and aggravate conditions such as acne, congested/dilated pores, wrinkles,  dull appearance, age-related dark spots, etc.


Skin Peels have 3 major actions in the skin -

- increase epidermal cell turn over 

- increased fibroblast production (leading to collagen production),

-improved quality of elastin and collagen 


Peels may be time dependent such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids.  Others may be layer dependent such as Tri-chlorocetic Acid (TCA).   Downtime can be very little or really significant shedding depending on the type of acid being used


Various other botanicals can be added to the peel to achieve additional benefits beyond skin rejuvenation - such as lightening of pigmentation or scars. 

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