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Getting Married?

Beautiful skin is as important as a beautiful dress.

To ensure that your skin is glowing and clear start thinking early about how to achieve your goal.  If you are acne prone or struggle with pigmentation you will need time to clear these conditions.   

If your skin routine at home is not delivering the required results, you may need time to find the right cosmeceutical products for you.  Cosmeceutical skincare contains higher active ingredients and more of it.   This is an essential step to ensure clear skin.

Start doing regular treatments (not facials) about 6 months before the wedding.  This can be either superficial peels or microneedling depending on the problem we are dealing with.  Superficial peels will ensure that you remove dead skin cells regularly preventing blockage and improve cell turn over.  Microneedling can help to remove existing ice pick acne scars as well as lifting deep seated pigmentation.

Your last treatment before the wedding should be done 1 week before the wedding to ensure the ultimate glow and should probably be a superficial peel.   Make sure that you purchase a spot treatment stick so that you can treat any stress related spot.

On the day of the wedding you can use an ice mask on your face for 20 minutes before make up.  Eye slices are also ideal to use before applying make up.

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