Skin Solutions can not guarantee results and results vary from client to client. 

DIY Options

Since in-salon treatments may be too expensive for some budgets, you will have to look at do-it-yourself options.  



Biomedical Emporium offers  a home peel kit which includes the prepartion serum, the peel as well reconstruct serum to be applied post peel.  The cost of the kit is R 870.


Collagen Stimulation


The home derma roller can be used to improve product penetration as well as stimulate collagen.   It should be used with a serum specifically targeting your skin concern.  It can be used on a weekly basis.


A dermal roller is R 480 per unit. 


Although the above options will not have the same impact as in-salon treatment, it will help to improve your skin over a longer period of time and can also be used in between treatment to maintain results.