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DIY Options

If it is necessary to do your own home treatment, keep the following tips in mind:


Home Exfoliation

A big part of chemical peels is to exfoliate dead skin cells from the skin.  This can be achieved in a safe way at home using enzymatic exfoliators.  The enzymes that are used are mostly plant based - papaya, bromelaine from pineapple or pumpkin. These are very safe to use at home since they do not contain harmful beads that can cause micro-tears in the skin.

Lamelle contains Cathepzyme D which is an enzyme in your skin that it uses to shed itself.  This is a laboratory formulated skin-identical ingredient.  It comes in 2 strengths - most clients will be safe to use Cathepzyme number 2. 

Remember to apply a moisturiser or even a sheetmask with hyaluronic acid to nourish the skin after the exfoliation.  The skin is now prepared to actively absorb ingredients.  Try to use a good serum after exfoliating your skin. These also normally have stronger actives in them.


It is important not to over-exfoliate your skin at home since this can cause the lipid-layer to be damaged causing dryness.

The best frequency is probably once per week depending on the strength of the enzyme.

Microneedling at home

To use the roller at home:

- Use a cold sterilant before and after rolling your skin

- Probably best to roll at night because sunscreen should not be applied directly after rolling 

- Do dry rolling, apply the serum only when you have completed the microneedling. (helps to keep the roller clean)

- Do 2-3 passes in each direction -  horizontal, vertical and diagonal on each section of the face

- Do not apply pressure when rolling - think of a lawn mower rolling over grass

- Put the roller back in its protective packaging as soon as you are finished rolling

- Do not roll too often - give your skin sufficient time to recover between treatments

- Use only serums designed for microneedling during the process.  Also spend money on the best actives that you can afford

- You can use a sheet mask after microneedling, again making sure that is a calming mask - no acids for example

- Always use sunscreen but be especially careful after microneedling 

microneedling home.jpeg

Although the above options will not have the same impact as in-salon treatment, it will help to improve your skin over a longer period of time and can also be used in between treatment to maintain results.

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