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role of skin therapy

What is my role in your journey to beautiful skin?


It is really confusing when you think about the various people in the beauty industry.  Who does what and what can I expect from the various people offering services. 


There are dermatologists, plastic surgeons, Aesthetic GP's, beauticians and the skin therapist or Aesthetic therapist.  Where does the skin therapist fit in?

The dermatologist is normally focused on offering medical solutions to problems such as melanomas and skin disorders such as eczema and psoriases to name but a few.  In general a plastic surgeon focuses on offering more invasive solutions such as face lifts but will also do Botox, fillers and other forms of lift.  Similarly the Aesthetic GP will offer Botox, fillers and thread lifts - the liquid face lift etc.  These are normally less invasive than the plastic surgeon.  The beautician is on the other hand is offering a facial that would normally include a steam, extractions and masks to make the skin feel smoother for the short-term.  The beautician may suggest cosmetic, over-the-counter products that have emollients in them to make the skin feel smoother and soft quickly.


The skin therapist has the main focus of ensuring skin health within the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin.  A healthy skin on the inside will manifest as a healthy looking skin on the outside.  When addressing wrinkles, the skin therapist will aim to improve the cell function within the dermal layers of the skin to improve collagen production that will result in a plumping of the wrinkle.  This may take longer than a quick Botox injection but the results are longer lasting and in general the overall longevity of the skin is improved.


The treatments that are offered differ significantly from the beautician since the focus is not on a short-term comfort but a long term result that will eliminate the problem. 


When it comes to aging and rejuvenation  the skin therapist has much to offer in terms of treatments.  These can vary from chemical peels, microneedling or DermaPen and mesotherapy using electrophoresis.  These will have a therapeutic action within the skin that will impact the function of the skin with the end result of a younger skin. 


The answer to a beautiful skin lies in finding the balance between Botox,  fillers and threads that will quickly offer a solution but does not offer help in terms of skin function such as collagen production or cell generation and turn over.  These internal processes in the skin are vital to long term longevity of the skin.


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