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The power of Derma Pen

Why the interest in the Derma Pen? The versatility of this treatment in dealing with various skin concerns makes this a very popular treatment. It is a personalized treatment that achieves visible results.

The main objective of the Pen:

- COLLAGEN - The pen triggers the fibroblast in the dermal layers of the skin to produce pro-collagen. This pro-collagen is bound in strands to form the scaffolding that keeps skin tight and lifted.

- CHANNEL - The pen creates a channel into the deeper layers of the skin to take active ingredients into the skin. Up to a 1000 times more effective than topical application of serum

What can be treated?

- WRINKLES - focus specifically on age related wrinkles rather than expression lines

- ACNE SCARS - pit scars fill out with new collagen

- PIGMENTATION - transport of active ingredients to suppress the tyrosinase enzyme (home care is still required)

- HYDRATION - hyaluronic acid is transported into the skin without compromising the bi-lipid layer

How many treatments?

This varies on the age of the skin but at least 4 treatments must be done about 2-3 weeks apart. Older skin requires 6-8 treatments to really see results.

When do I see results?

A temporary plumping is visible a couple of days post treatment.

Long term results are achieved after 3 months.

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