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  • Elfriede Stocken


How long have you been living with your skin problem? Sometimes it is a couple of months or sometimes even years. In view of this let's talk about skin and how long it takes to get results.

The skin cells on the surface of the skin that are visible to the eye came from the inside of the skin and it took those skin cells at least 30 days to come to the surface. So when you start correcting processes inside the skin, it will take those skin cells another

30 days to come to the surface.

In general, you will have to use a skincare product for at least 12 weeks to judge whether it is working. You have to use the product appropriately following the correct protocol during this period.

Furthermore, the mind is very quick to forget what the skin really looked like before the application of the product since you see yourself everyday. So taking proper before pictures are important.

So, please persevere with a product for an appropriate period of time before judging it's success.

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